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Printto: - This is a new service that will allow you to calculate quickly the price, select materials and order your book.

Production time: 2-3 working days

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Our advantages

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  • We print even 1 copy
  • Clear pricing without hidden fees
  • Excellent quality
  • Quickly


* The discounts are applied to the books from one edition

Discount -5%

2 - 4 pcs

Discount -10%

5 - 9 pcs

Discount -15%

10 - 24 pcs

Discount -20%

25 - 49 pcs

Discount -25%

50 - 99 pcs

Discount -30%

more 100 pcs

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About Us

Why we launched the service PRINTTO: ?

More than 15 years our company is present on a digital printing market. Time to time we are facing with printing a book, textbook, reference book or workbook, which have not been published for a long time. For example, you need a reference book that is 20 years old and cannot be found anywhere else, but you have PDF file with it. Or, for example, you wrote a book and you need to make just 20 copies in order as present for your relatives. Or, maybe, you are writing poems and want to make several copies for you friends.

Anyway, it is so hard to find someone, who wants to mess with the production of books in small print runs, who will accept to print one copy in fair price. And there are lots of such examples.

This led us to the idea of ​​creating a service where you can quickly calculate and order something that is not sold in stores.

We make monochrome and color books, covered with soft and hard covers. Printed books can be stapled, spring bounded or glued bounded, according to you wish/order. We will print even one copy of a reference book which you need. Ordering 20 copies of a book you will receive them in 2 days. In each of 50 printed books you can add personal wishing-poem for your friend. Printed book we will send you by post or delivery company and also you can take it by yourself at our office. We will print quickly, quality and fair price. And yes, it is TRUE!

Let's try to check the price for your book. Just click on this button and pull your PDF file to here. It’s easy!

And yes, we made a short video which shows book production process.

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About Printto:


What is the minimum print run?
Minimum print run- one book!
What is file format can print from?
We work only with PDF files. If your file is in other format, you can convert it to PDF yourself using online converters. Or send us an e-mail and we will return the converted PDF.
How do I upload a cover?
Cover is not necessary to download separately. Usually, in the files the cover is the first and the last pages. We cut them out of the file and create the cover in a needed format. If there is no cover in the file, we do it at our discretion by adding the author and the title of the book to the front side (you can write it in the comments).
When will I get the ready-made book?
We print and ship books within two to four working days. Delivery time depends on the region and shipping method you choose.
What is the maximum number of pages in a book?
The method of bonding with hot melt glue implies a maximum book thickness is about 4 cm. This is around 800 pages of standard density paper (80g/sq.m). But we advise you to divide books with a thickness of more than 550-600 pages into several parts for easy of use and durability. We can do it on our own.
What should I do if in my PDF is a scan-copy and scanned two pages of a book on a sheet?
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to print such book directly from this file. It is necessary to break the file into separate pages. Perhaps we can help with this - it depends on the file.
What happens if I order and pay for the book, but it turns out that my file is not suitable for printing?
We will refund money for the order.
How much is shipping cost?
Delivery by Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta is free with a minimum order! In other cases, delivery is paid according to the carrier's tariffs.
If I have 15 different books in one order, will I get a 15% discount?
The discount is applied only to several identical books from one edition. The value of 15 different books is calculated as 15 separate books.

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